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Startup –koulutus

Startup –koulutus

Sari Asteljoki
Lemminkäisenkatu 30, auditorio Lemminkäinen (A173), 20520Turku

11.03.2020 klo 10:00 - 12:30

Butterfly Ventures tulee jälleen Turkuun pitämään Start Up-koulutuksen. 


  1. Butterfly Ventures

- Who we are and why we invest into science based startups


  1. Startups and Startup Ecosystem
    - How does a startup ecosystem work and what is your position in it

- What is the main driver of the startup ecosystem


  1. Start up a startup - What is most important when starting a startup from a Venture Capitalist point of view
    - Aim high

- Build the right team

- Critical know-how
- Freedom to operate
- Sustainable competitive advantage through IPR


  1. Venture Capital 
    - How does it really work and what is required

- Money flow

- Investment process


  1. Finance a Startup
    - Different stages of financing and when to get financing
    - Valuation a startup
  2. Do unscalable things before scaling

- User acquisition

- Sales

- Narrow market


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