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Sivu päivitetty 3.5.2024


HEAWATER aims to reduce the transport of nutrients as well as micro and macro litter from small urban streams to the Baltic Sea.

HEAWATER follows a novel approach of combining proven natural solutions and innovative filter solutions for load reduction. Further, the project will assess to what extent citizens are willing to contribute to achieving cleaner waters in urban streams and improving the ecological status of the Baltic Sea. The assessment will be based on a light cost-benefit analysis (CBA). The results of this assessment will be used for awareness raising and capacity building.

The results of the technical developments and implementations and the CBA will be integrated into a decision support tool that allows decision makers and planners to choose the optimal solution for urban stream restauration and protection.

The expected project results are:

  • Application of different river restoration techniques on selected rivers in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • Reduction of phosphorus, nitrogen, micro and macro litter and suspended solids from river water by 10%
  • Calculation of cost–benefit ratio of implemented restoration works in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
  • Tools that will help  identify potential techniques for urban river restoration and water cleaning projects within the Baltic Sea basin.