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Facilitate for the future : educator's guide for designing hybrid learning environments for the VUCA world

Facilitate for the future : educator's guide for designing hybrid learning environments for the VUCA world

Tekijä(t): Sirpa Hänti, Meiju Keinänen, Maria Välivirta Havia, Hazem Al-Bermanei, Mari Ketola & Jonna Heikkilä

ISBN: 9789522167880 (pdf)

ISBN: 9789522167897 (printed)

Course Materials from Turku University of Applied Sciences 140

74 pp., 2021

Working and living in a world that has been described as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) is something that none of us can avoid and thus we need to learn to transform its threats to opportunities. Employees who are creative, resilient, and innovative problem solvers who show professional abilities and skills in coping with the rapid change, high-risk choice making and high-speed reaction, are needed in all sectors and industries. All this also requires not only toleration of uncertainty but also the ability to handle uncertainty in a productive manner. Without embedding uncertainty in the learning processes, as a part of professional and personal development, coping in the VUCA environment can lead to stress, anxiety, and vulnerability, and thus hamper a growth mindset of students and the employability of graduates as well as their future well-being in life.

This guide created in cooperation with the six PUNC partners and is intended for educators who are interested in designing such hybrid learning environments simulating the VUCA world that prepare the students for the rapidly changing working life. The aim is to prepare the students to cope with the VUCA world in a safe way already during their studies, to learn to acknowledge and thus tolerate the future situations in the changing world better.

This guide presents some characteristics of the VUCA world and provides the reader with both theoretic and practical views. We hope that this guidebook can offer new knowledge and ideas for designing hybrid learning environments for the VUCA World. We wish you inspirational reading moments!

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