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Sivu päivitetty 6.5.2022
Detecting, defining and developing soft skills in business and ICT contexts

Detecting, defining and developing soft skills in business and ICT contexts

Tekijä(t): Schleutker, Kai

ISBN: 978-952-216-797-2 (pdf)

ISBN: 978-952-216-798-9 (printed)

Research Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 52

188 pp., 2021

This thesis explores and describes Soft Skills, especially the ones needed in business. The outcomes derive from a European RDI project in six European countries over the years 2017–2020. During the project, almost 400 business professional assessed Soft Skills as seen from their working positions and experience.

The main goal of the thesis was to develop a classification to select the most appropriate Soft Skills for any working position. The classification can be used to evaluate and classify Soft Skills in terms of their work environment relevance, current level, and development potential. The model provides actors within education with a clear indication of which skills have been well optimized, where there is untapped potential, and which skills should be addressed quickly. The model also provides an indication of which important skills should be emphasized in educational institutions and which skills are learned elsewhere, for example in hobbies or second jobs.

The dissertation is related to the fields of business education and management, and its results can be utilized in business education at all levels and in the HR activities of organizations.

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