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Sivu päivitetty 6.6.2022
Innopeda Quality Handbook

Innopeda Quality Handbook

Tekijä(t): Marjo Joshi, Antonella Storti, Minna Scheinin & Taru Konst (eds.)

ISBN: 978-952-216-785-9 (pdf)

ISBN: 978-952-216-786-6 (print)

Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 139

98 pp., 2022

This handbook presents the overall approach for implementing innovation pedagogy as a pedagogical strategy in educational institutions. The handbook describes the main principles of innovation pedagogy that can be used as a tool when making a change in an educational institution. The change is needed, because traditional educational approaches no longer can lead to the competences required in the changing world for a sustainable future.

The change can start from training teachers in the implementation of new teaching approach, or be more holistic, i.e., by implementing the strategic approach at the level of the whole institution for a more profound change. The holistic change and verification of the change through audit can lead to the certification of Certified Innopeda® School. Innopeda Quality Handbook is a tool for educational institutions, especially for their managers, teachers and education planners, for evaluating their processes, implementing the approaches of innovation pedagogy, and designing a development process for ensuring the quality and development of innovation pedagogy. Innovation pedagogy can provide tools for the change in all levels of education.

The chapters of this handbook follow the common practice of quality work. The handbook includes templates that can help an institution in its quality assurance process regarding the implementation of innovation pedagogy.

The publication can be downloaded for free. This copyrighted material can be downloaded and printed for private use. Commercial use prohibited.