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Innovation camp manual

Innovation camp manual

Tekijä(t): Sara Malve-Ahlroth, Sonja Lankiniemi, Henna Knuutila & Marketta Virta (eds.)

ISBN: 9789522167163 (printed)

ISBN: 9789522167149 (pdf)

Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 121

34 pp, 2019

Innovation camp is a mutually beneficial way of bringing students and com¬panies together. Students get to a chance to tackle the challenges of real-life assignments and apply the skills they have acquired during their studies in practice. Companies gain fresh ideas for the development of their opera¬tions.

A successful innovation camp is a joint effort of several interest groups. In addition to the coordinator, it takes active and motivated students, open-minded and unprejudiced commissioners, enthusiastic experts interested in promoting the development in their own field and skilful coaches who excel in innovation potential development.

This manual helps with organizing an innovation camp. The manual includes checklists and tasks you will need for setting up the camp, and templates and additional material to facilitate the process. These instructions can easi¬ly be applied to the organizing of types of camps.

(pdf file, 9,05 MB)

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