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Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work - Teacher's handbook

Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work - Teacher's handbook

Tekijä(t): Kavander, P.; Rännäli, M. & Wielgus, J.

ISBN: 9789522166258 (printed)

ISBN: 9789522166265 (pdf)

Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 107

67 pp., 2017

In internationally operating corporate environments, there is a need of online communication skills and intercultural understanding connected to specialist communication and modern communication technology.

The idea for the CoMoViWo project (Communication in Mobile and Virtual Work) originated from the need to learn what kinds of online communication skills are required in a corporate environment.

The project aim was to develop the teaching of these skills and ensure that the competences that are taught are relevant in the age of globalisation and digitalisation. The CoMoViWo course modules have been produced in two languages, English and Spanish, as these are two of the leading world languages.

The aim of this handbook is to offer teachers and group tutors ideas on how to apply the course materials available on the CoMoViWo open access Canvas learning environment with their students and how to prepare their students for the challenges of the increasingly virtual and international work environment.

(pdf file, 11 MB)

The publication can be downloaded for free. This copyrighted material can be downloaded and printed for private use. Commercial use prohibited.