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Redesigning Education - Visions and Practices

Redesigning Education - Visions and Practices

Tekijä(t): Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen & Taru Konst

ISBN: 9789522167538 (printed)

ISBN: 9789522167521 (pdf)

Course Material from Turku University of Applied Sciences 130

84 s., 2020

The starting point for this book is that higher education institutions have not yet renewed their pedagogical approaches to the extent that is needed for a sustainable future. The biggest challenge for all educational institutions is the sustainability crisis, and how to act in order to provide students with competences not only to manage in the dynamic working environments requiring innovations, but also with competences to have a good life and to build a sustainable future. The objective of this book is enormous, aiming to help all of us working with the development of education to act together towards making the changes needed in redesigning education.

Redesigning Education – Visions and Practices provides ideas, guidelines and solutions why and how to develop education; in other words, how to make the change in education required by the changing and dynamic environment. The book is primarily directed at the management of educational institutions, education developers and planners, as well as for decision-makers of educational policies and strategies, but it can provide development ideas also for teaching staff in their everyday work.

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