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Spinning e-pedagogical Nets - Pedagogical development and experiments in higher education

Spinning e-pedagogical Nets - Pedagogical development and experiments in higher education

Tekijä(t): Ilona Tanskanen & Marjatta Rännäli (eds.)

ISBN: 9789522166364 (printed)

ISBN: 9789522166371 (pdf)

Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 231

301 pp., 2016

The aim of the education at universities of applied sciences is to provide the learners with competences needed in the future working life and therefore a lot of pedagogical development has taken place in the area of online teaching and e-learning.

Digitalisation has a strong impact on how the forms and content of teaching and learning change. Learning is inevitably being transformed by new practices emerging around the internet and online communities. It takes place in multimodal learning environments and consequently the roles of the teachers and students change.

In the articles of this publication, the teachers tell about how digitalisation has changed the learning design in higher education. Many of the articles describe the authors’ own experiences of online teaching or present research results on online communication. The solutions and challenges are discussed and the aim is to share the authors’ ideas, experiences and concerns to help the teaching communities to develop new methods.

The variety of approaches show that there are many challenges but also many positive learning experiences both for the teachers and the students on their way to adopt new methods for learning and teaching.

We hope that these experiences and discussions will give teachers in higher education food for thought and encourage blazing a trail in e-learning and online teaching.

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