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A New Agenda for Co-Creating Public Services

A New Agenda for Co-Creating Public Services

Tekijä(t): Chris Fox, Sue Baines, Rob Wilson, Harri Jalonen, Inga Narbutaite Aflaki, Riccardo Prandini, Andrea Bassi, Giulia Ganugi & Heli Aramo-Immonen

ISBN: 978-952-216-784-2

Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 275

34 pp., 2021

This paper draws together key findings from Co-creation of Public Service Innovation in Europe project (CoSIE) with a particular focus on what these imply for new policy and practice in public services in the form of a discussion paper aimed at European, national and regional policy-makers. The big ideas emerging from Horizon 2020 CoSIE can be grouped together as ideas associated with conceptualising co-creation, implementing cocreation and moving beyond piloting co-creation to extending co-creation across systems.

The CoSIE project builds on the idea that public sector innovations can be best achieved by creating collaborative exchanges or partnerships between service providers (i.e. public sector agencies, third sector organizations, private companies) and citizens who benefit from services either directly or indirectly. Co-creation in CoSIE is a collaborative and power balancing activity that aims to enrich and enhance the individual and collective value in public service offerings at any stage in the development of new service and during its implementation. It is manifested in a constructive exchange of different kinds of resources (ideas, competences, lived experience, etc.) that enhance the experienced value of public service.

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