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Green Thoughts, Green Futures - Planning for Energy Efficient Cities

Green Thoughts, Green Futures - Planning for Energy Efficient Cities

Tekijä(t): Katariina Kiviluoto, Annika Kunnasvirta, Timo Mieskonen, Lotta Ek, Julia Haselberger, Mikael Kullman & Evert Meijers (eds.)

ISBN: 9789522166036 (printed)

ISBN: 9789522166043 (pdf)

Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 225

88 pages, 2016

The way we plan and build our cities influences the present and future demand for energy. "Green Thoughts, Green Futures" gives the reader an overview of one of the most pressing concerns in cities these days – the production and use of energy in a sustainable and efficient manner.

The PLEEC project set out to explore the most relevant aspects of energy efficiency in key urban fields from a city perspective with this insight: Making rational, well-informed and holistic choices in city planning to promote energy efficiency is simply the way of the future. The booklet in your hands serves as a starting point to all the possible options towards a sustainable future in city planning.

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