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Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Management and Engineering

In the future, industry will be looking for professionals who are capable of comprehensive thinking and can combine technological and business knowledge. The requirements for today's engineers are extensive, including technological, economical, ecological, social and management skills. The degree programme in Industrial Management and Engineering gives you the knowledge and skills required in various positions in industry. All studies will aim at comprehensive professional growth, not forgetting subjects that train for entrepreneurship.

As an industrial management engineer you are familiar with innovativeness, new working methods, customer orientation, sustainable thinking and will be ready for interesting and challenging positions.

Study contents

Structure of studies and study contents:

  • Basic Studies 100 credits
  • Professional Studies 90 credits
  • Practical Training 30 credits
  • Bachelor´s Thesis 20 credits

Several educational methods are implemented in the degree programme. These include traditional lecturing, educational discussion and debate, group and seminar work, participative teaching methods, research and development work, excursions and homework.

Wide range of work opportunities

Graduated engineers from the degree programme of Industrial Management and Engineering are capable to work within an international environment as professionals where both technological and business knowhow is needed. The main strong areas of the graduated engineers are process management, processes of technology industry, business knowhow and internationality combined with good English language skills, innovativeness and co-operation skills.

Graduated engineers have good capabilities to work in demanding managerial tasks in industry. Duties can be related to e.g., purchasing, project or production management and quality management. The degree programme gives good basis for becoming an entrepreneur as well. Possible job titles after graduation are e.g., purchasing manager, production planner, project manager, factory manager, development engineer/manager, quality engineer/manager.

Apply in Joint Application

Joint application means that you can apply to up to six study programmes with one application form. These six options may include degree programmes from one or several different higher education institutions in Finland. The next joint application period for this degree programme is

  • joint application in spring 3–17 January 2024 at 15.00 (studies start in autumn 2024)

Applications are submitted through the national online application portal (in Finnish Opintopolku).

Selection methods:

  • SAT test - 50% of the study places
  • Certificate-based selection (Finnish Matriculation Examination, International Baccalaureate (IB) degree, European Baccalaureate (EB) Diploma, Reifeprüfung (RP) or Deutsche Internationale Abitur (DIA) degree) - 50% of the study places