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Master of Business Administration, Business Management

Master of Business Administration, Business Management

Opiskele MBA-tutkinto joustavasti työn ohessa. Englanninkielisessä Turun AMK:n Master Schoolin Business Management -koulutuksessa syvennät asiantuntijuuttasi liiketalouden ja kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan asiantuntijana ja kehität osaamistasi esimies- ja johtamistehtävissä.

The aim of the Master’s Degree Programme in Business Management (90 ECTS) is to further develop the competences needed in the management positions in a demanding global business environment. In the leadership (MBA) studies the student develops his/her managerial profile as a motivating and effective leader who achieves results and change by managing people ethically and who renews and develops the organisation based on appropriate methods and research data. 

The programme’s target group consists of managers or experts with several years of working experience, and who want to further enhance their knowhow in management. The programme is particularly targeted at individuals who are aiming at a management position in any kind of business or other organisation. The programme is a part-time training programme for future general executives. 

The Master's Degree Programme in Business Management is part of Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS) Master School and its School of Leadership Excellence. TUAS Master School brings together all TUAS' Masters' degree programmes in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. It gives the students a great chance to create new networks with other experts beyond fields, both in Finland and globally.

Entry requirement to the Master's degree programme is a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience gained after a suitable higher education degree completed in Finland or abroad or a Finnish post-secondary or higher vocational level diploma. (See the detailed eligibility criteria in 

The students applying with other than Bachelor of Business Administration degree can choose to graduate accordingly. For example, the students with a Bachelor of Engineering background have the option to graduate as Master of Engineering (60 ECTS credits).

TUAS Master School - flexible study opportunities in a multi-professional environment

At TUAS Master School you'll study a master's degree in a flexible way. The studies can be completed while working full-time and from anywhere in Finland. The programme is built on mixed-mode studies including lectures, seminars, e-learning, team-work and independent work. There are 2 days of contact sessions monthly.

TUAS Master School brings together all Master's students in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. During the studies you can create new networks with other experts beyond fields of study. The Master's Degree Programme in Professional Sales Management is international in every respect, not only in terms of content. And as a TUAS Master School student you'll also have access to TUAS' broad international network of higher education institutions that enables internationalisation during the studies as well.

Competences needed as a business leader and manager

The core content of the programme provides competences mainly for general management positions, but also leadership skills for executive management of special functions such as sales, marketing, production, development, financial or human resources management.

All managers need skills in

  • leadership and change management
  • knowledge of strategic thinking and management
  • project, innovation and network management
  • basics of financial management.

He/she can also think critically and conduct/write master level research report. The programme develops all these skills. 

The context of this programme is business in private sector. Turku University of Applied Sciences has other Master's degree programmes (in Finnish) whose context is both the private and the public sector organisations as an employer. 

The studies facilitate sharing of tacit knowledge within diverse groups. The versatile student contacts acquired during the studies may be of great benefit to the student in the future. 

The thesis is a central part of the studies. The thesis work starts already at the beginning of the studies and it is carried out as a working life oriented development project. The thesis will not only develop the student’s knowledge and skills in a certain study field and specific topic but also gives the possibility to enhance skills in leading teams and work groups.