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Master of Business Administration, Leadership and Service Design

Master of Business Administration, Leadership and Service Design

Opiskele MBA-tutkinto joustavasti työn ohessa! Englanninkielisessä Leadership and Service Design -koulutuksessa syvennät osaamistasi palvelumuotoilussa ja johtamisessa. Koulutus on osa Turun AMK:n Master Schoolia, joka tarjoaa sinulle erinomaiset yhteistyö- ja verkostoitumismahdollisuudet eri alojen asiantuntijoiden kanssa, niin Suomessa kuin ulkomailla. 

The Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership and Service Design answers the constantly growing competence requirements and needs in design, businesses and working life. The profile of the programme is on the combination of design thinking, business and society and the focus is on the area of service design.

To learn to design, develop and implement the tasks by sharing information and communication in collaboration with the customers and stakeholders belong to the main objectives of this programme. The different professional and cultural backgrounds of the students will enable a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

The Master's Degree Programme in Leadership and Service Design is part of Turku University of Applied Sciences' (TUAS) Master School. TUAS Master School brings together all the Masters' degree programmes in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. It gives the students a great chance to create new networks with other experts beyond fields, both in Finland and globally. 

To be eligible applicant must have a higher education degree completed in Finland or abroad. The applicant must also have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience after completing the degree. More detailed eligibility criteria will be found at Studyinfo.

TUAS Master School - flexible study opportunities in a multi-professional environment

At TUAS Master School you'll study a Master's degree in a flexible way. The studies can be completed while working full-time and from anywhere in Finland. The degree programme is organised as part-time studies which includes contact and distance studies. Contact sessions take place every second weekend or once a month (Friday and Saturday). The distance studies include e-learning, group and project work as well as independent studies. 

TUAS Master School brings together all Master's students in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. During the studies you can create new networks with other experts beyond fields of study. The degree programme in Leadership and Service Design is organised with Novia UAS which gives the students chance to create networks even further. 

In the degree programme of Leadership and Service Design an international learning environment will be realized by students and teachers having an international background and experience. As a student of TUAS Master School you'll also have access to TUAS' broad international network of higher education institutions which enables internationalisation during the studies as well. 

Studies consists of marketing, finance, leadership and service design

The workload of the Master's degree programme in Leadership and Servie Design is 90 ECTS. The planned duration is 2 years. The studies consist of:

  • advanced studies (55 ECTS)
  • elective studies (5 ECTS)
  • Master's thesis (30 ECTS)

The advanced studies include leadership, service design and innovation, marketing and finance studies. With the elective studies and Master's thesis the students can deepen their expertise in an area of his / her interest.

The Master's thesis is a central part of the Master's studies. The thesis work starts already in the beginning of the studies. The Master's thesis is carried out as a working life oriented development project. It combines theory, praxis and creation of new knowledge and the subject and aims are based on requirements and needs of working life. 

Examples of service design projects and thesis subjects:

Designing new services for different companies and communities:

  • Baking courses for a cafeteria
  • New live game experience
  • A bus shelter with new service functions
  • An event producer’s services
  • A contest for food enthusiasts 

Development and improvement of services of different companies and communities:

  • A marathon event
  • Different sport facilities’ services
  • A professional photographer’s services
  • A cafeteria’s services
  • Internal communication process of an advertising agency

Thesis subjects:

  • Development of the services of a gym chain
  • Development of a city magazine
  • Development of an event provider’s business model and service packages

You create the future: Master School graduates are reformers of the working life

After graduating you've created new knowledge and reformed the working life with your Master's thesis. Your networks have expanded both in Finland and globally. You've also developed your expertise and got the tools to advance in your career. 

As a graduate from the degree programme in Leadership and Service Design you'll have the expertise to work with demanding service design tasks and managerial duties. The degree programme also gives you an insight in starting or developing your own business.

Students' thoughts and expressions of the studies

“We have a great group! I enjoy hearing about different industries and cultures as well as individual experiences from work etc.”

“The atmosphere is great and inspiring!”

Leadership and Service Design, TUAS
Students who started their studies fall 2014

“All the lectures has been interesting and I’ve really enjoyed the new ideas those have given to me. Although lots of tasks have been given. I’ve felt them really necessary for the orientation for the studies. The best things are other people, changing ideas, having new points of view and studying cooperative way. Discussions have been really fruitful. I’ve found really good connections and already started to create new projects with them. Thank you!”

“An education that inspires to deliver and gives you hands on knowledge. After study days I am inspired to do more with my education and work. I don’t feel tired, I am energetic and full of new ideas. I looked for something to trigger me to develop myself and my strong hunger for knowledge and self-development. This education gives it to me. I have never felt this motivated to make a change in my life and I believe that this has opened the door for me. I am thrilled with excitement.”

How to Apply?

Joint Application

You can apply for most of the Master-level studies conducted in English in joint application to higher education. In joint application you apply to all your study programme choices with one application form. Applications are submitted through the online joint application system at Read more about joint application.  

Next joint application period is on 20 March - 3 April 2019. 

Open Studies / Path Studies

You can also start your studies through Open Studies: Path Studies gives you opportunity to complete the first year studies with degree students. After successful completion, you will be eligible to apply to become a degree student through separate applications. Open Studies are subject to a charge.

Application period to Path Studies is on July and / or August 2019. Applications to Path Studies are also submitted trhough The link to Studyinfo will open in spring 2019 and there you'll find the admission criteria and number of study places. Read more about Open Studies.   

The following information about applying concerns joint application.

More information at Studyinfo

At Studyinfo you'll find

  • student selection criteria
  • eligibility criteria
  • more information about the degree programme
  • the application form

Go to Studyinfo



The student selection is made only based on a pre-assignment. There's no entrance examination.

All applicants must fill in an electronic application form by the end of the application period (no later than 3 April 2019 at 3 pm Finnish time), and submit pre-tasks no later than 10 April 2019 at 3 pm Finnish time. Pre-tasks submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 


a) Service Design task (50 points)

  • Analyse an existing service, describe it and visualize it as a customer journey. Analyse and discuss as well, how the service could be improved and mark your improvement suggestions on the customer journey.
  • Extent 2-3 pages.
  • Source material: Stickdorn, M., Hormess, M.E. & Lawrence, A. 2018. This Is Service Design Doing: Applying Service Design Thinking in the Real World. O’Reilly Media (USA), or corresponding literature.

b) Leadership task (50 points)

  • Based on your work experience and CV, analyse different leadership cultures and your leadership and interaction skills. Discuss how you could develop yourself as a leader.
  • Extent 2-3 pages,and CV as attachment.
  • Source material: Adair, J. 2016. Develop your Leadership Skills, (3rd Ed), London: Kogan Page Limited, or corresponding literature.

Assessment: 0-100 points.

Assessment criteria:

  • Fluent written English
  • Depth of the analysis
  • Versatility of the development plans

Send the pre-tasks as pdf-files to no later than 10 April 2019 3 pm Finnish time.