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Master of Culture and Arts, Creative Design Management

Master of Culture and Arts, Creative Design Management

Syvennä asiantuntijuuttasi luovan suunnittelun projektien johtamisessa. Master- eli ylempään AMK-tutkintoon johtavassa koulutuksessa opiskelet joustavasti työn ohessa. Koulutus toteutetaan kokonaan verkko-opintoina. 

The Master's Degree Programme in Creative Design Management is a professional higher education degree. The unique online programme focuses especially on project management and concept development in the fields of communication and advertising. The objective of the studies is to learn to lead and manage customer-oriented media and communication projects.

The Creative Design Mangement programme aims at providing students with skills and competence to work in both local and international creative project environments, including online environments. The degree programme is suitable for advertising, marketing or other creative field professionals interested in managing creative processes and achieving project management and leadership positions in their organisations. 

The Master's Degree Programme in Creative Design Management is part of Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku UAS) Master School and its School of Professional Excellence. The degree programme is organised by Turku UAS Arts Academy. Turku UAS Master School brings together all Turku UAS' Masters' degree programmes in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. It gives the students a great chance to create new networks with other experts beyond fields, both in Finland and globally.

Entry requirement to the Master's degree programme is a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience gained after a suitable higher education degree. (See the detailed eligibility criteria in

Turku UAS Master School - flexible study opportunities in a multi-professional environment

At Turku UAS Master School you'll study a master's degree in a flexible way. The studies can be completed while working full-time and from anywhere in Finland or abroad. The programme is built on mixed-mode studies including lectures, seminars, e-learning, team-work and independent work. The degree programme in Creative Design Management is conducted fully online. 

Turku UAS Master School brings together all Master's students in the fields of Business, Culture, Healthcare and Social Services, and Technology. During the studies you can create new networks with other experts beyond fields of study. As a Turku UAS Master School student you'll also have access to Turku UAS' broad international network of higher education institutions that enables internationalisation during the studies as well. Turku UAS' Arts Academy has also its own international partners that the Art Academy's students can network with.

Managing projects from idea to implementation

The Creative Design Management Programme (60 ECTS) takes an estimated three terms (1.5 years) to complete. The degree programme is based on the online learning approach and includes online tasks, independent learning and collaborative online group work and project work. 

The degree is composed of the Planning for the Future module (10 ECTS), the Creative Projects and Concept Design module (10 ECTS), the Thesis module (30 ECTS) and elective studies (10 ECTS). 

The studies and the programme focuses on the students capacity to manage creative and media projects from idea to design and implementation. The students will accumulate the core competence necessary for project planning, management and leadership together with creative design in the Creative Projects and Concept Design module. With elective studies the students can expand their competence in areas and methods relevant to their work. 

A key element in the programme is the development project for the thesis, which is related to the student's own creative ideas, customer projects or operations. The development work of the thesis is based on research and analysis and carried out using methodologies and tools relevant to the development task. The thesis also involves documentation and reporting about the development process. 

You create the future: Master School graduates are reformers of the working life

After graduating you've created new knowledge and reformed the working life with your Master's thesis. Your networks have expanded both in Finland and globally. You've also developed your expertise and got the tools to advance in your career. 

Graduates from Turku UAS Master School lead creative teams and processes as project managers, design directors or marketing designers. After graduating you will have the necessary knowledge and tools for developing creative concepts in customer-oriented advertising and media projects. The strong project management and online working skills provided by the programme will also be a major asset when seeking employment in various expert roles.