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Online degree programmes

Online degree programmes

Tekijä(t): Marjo Joshi, Pirjo Könni, Kati Mäenpää, Leena Mäkinen, Mirva Pilli-Sihvola, Tanja Rautiainen, Päivi Timonen & Outi Valkki

ISBN: 978-952-216-804-7 (pdf)

Reports from Turku University of Applied Sciences 281

54 pp., 2022

Online degree programmes provide the opportunity to create novel study paths and flexible possibilities to complete a higher education degree in different situations in life. The eAMK project’s Online Degree Working Group has contemplated on the opportunities of these degrees as a part of the year-round supply of online studies.

The aim of the Working Group was to formulate a conception of the current good practices of online degree programmes and their application opportunities in the national online degree programme, which could be implemented in the eAMK project’s CampusOnline environment according to the principle of cross-institutional studies. In this publication, we present the results of the work, good practices and experiences which are based on the development work of the Working Group. Higher education institutions can utilize the results of the Working Group in planning diverse, extensive online entities. In addition to online degree programmes, the contents of the publication can be applied e.g., in the planning of online entities in diplomas of higher education or specialization paths.

The visions on the future national online degree programme, which are presented at the end of the publication, can provide food for thought for the regional, national and international cooperation between higher education institutions and working life. The results of the Working Group have earlier been distributed e.g., in the Verkkotutkinnot webinar series and in the compilation publication Kohti uuden oppimisen ekosysteemiä (Towards a new learning ecosystem) of the eAMK project.

The publication has been translated from the Finnish publication Verkkotutkinnot (

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