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Sivu päivitetty 13.12.2023
Guide to Hybrid Work

Guide to Hybrid Work

Tekijä(t): Anu Granberg, Ursula Hyrkkänen & Marion Karppi

ISBN: 978-952-216-859-7

Course materials from Turku University of Applied Sciences 167

50 s., 2023

The purpose of this guide is to support companies in understanding the hybrid work entity and provide tools to tailor hybrid work solutions, operating models and contracts on a company-by-company basis.

The guide discusses what requirements work and its operating environment impose on the organisation of hybrid work and how these can be met in companies. It examines themes that are central to the hybrid way of working, its use and workspaces, and the management of work in different locations. In addition, the guide delves into the individual's perspective and possibilities, as well as the pitfalls in hybrid work in front of him.

The guide is structured to present information on each theme based on recent research. It sets out the rules and laws that govern operations; sets out guidelines that companies can evaluate and apply in their hybrid working method solutions; and describes examples of solutions implemented in companies.

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